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    Werknemers SCA in the USA over STEP cursus

    Werknemers SCA in the USA over STEP cursus

    Evaluation STEP, SCA, Bowling Green Kentucky


    The employees who participated in the Ergo Coach training were asked to grade the training on a scale ranging from 1 (very poor) to 10 (excellent).


    The grade received for the training: 9,2
    What grade would you give for the practicality of the course? 9,1
    What grade would you give the instructor? 9,6
    What did you think about the length of the course? 60% good,  40% too short

    Remarks from the evaluation forms


    What did you like about the course?

    – Trainers, information, food
    – Very informative and things that can be used on a daily basis to help prevent injuries
    – We went over and practiced the techniques several times. Fun and interactive
    – Taught us the proper way to lift after years of doing it the wrong way
    – Learned a lot about correct bending techniques
    – Hands on approach with practical application to actual everyday tasks.
    – The instant feedback given was valuable info. Informative and Enjoyable
     – Learning a new natural way to avoid back strain
    – Interaction and practice of techniques
    – The information on the spine when bending to pick up things


         De STEP cursus heet BackPerfect, it´s all in the name